10 lines on Umbrella in English for Students

10 lines on Umbrella in English – Friends, today I have appeared in front of you with 10 lines on Umbrella in simple words, I hope you will like them and will be useful for you in schools and colleges.

10 lines on Umbrella in English

1) I have a beautiful umbrella.

2) My Umbrella is red and blue in colour.

3) My mother gifted me an umbrella.

4) My umbrella is small in size.

5) It is made up of cloth, plastic and metallic stick.

6) It is a portable.

7) When it rains, I use my umbrella.

8) It protects from sunlight also.

9) The Umbrella is very cheap.

10) Thare are hundredsof designs and colours of the umbrella.

10 Lines in Umbrella in English

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1. What is the use of umbrella for kids?

Though widely used in the rainy season, kids umbrellas also shield your little one from the scorching heat as well.

2. Why Is umbrella important?

They protect us from a variety of weather ailments, including rain, sunshine, and light snow.

3. Who invented umbrella?

The telescopic (foldable) umbrella was only born in the 20th century, thanks to Hans Haupt in 1928. However, Jean Marius invented a compact, foldable umbrella in France in 1701, but it was not telescopic

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