10 lines on the water cycle

Today, we are sharing 10,20,5 lines on water cycle in English. This article can help students who are looking for information about 10,20,5 lines on water cycle. These lines are straightforward and easy to remember. The level of difficulty is moderate, making it accessible for any student to write on this topic.

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10 lines on the water cycle for classes 1-5

1) Mr. Sun peeps hot and bright, turns water wiggly, light and light.

2) Up it floats, a playful ghost, from puddles, rivers, coast to coast.

3) Higher, higher, in the blue, with fluffy clouds, a giant zoo.

4) Mr. Wind whispers, clouds get tight, squeezing raindrops, fat and bright.

5) Plop they fall, a happy song, on thirsty plants, the whole day long.

6) Rivers giggle, gurgle loudly, carrying water, oh so proud.

7) Some hide in soil, a secret sip, for flowers green and every tree’s lip.

8) Some turn icy, cold and white, in the mountains tall, shining bright.

9) Then back to the sun, the journey starts, a never-ending dance of hearts.

10) So next time raindrops kiss your face, remember water’s wondrous race!

10 lines on water cycle for classes 6-12

1) Sun’s warm hand, a liquid’s plight, transforms to vapour, taking flight.

2) Upward journey, air so light, clouds embrace, a billowing sight.

3) Temperature’s kiss, a magic touch, condensation forms, and droplets clutch.

4) Gravity’s pull, a downward race, rain or snow, a watery embrace.

5) Rivers rush, a gurgling song, carrying life, where they belong.

6) Earth’s veins drink, a hidden stream, nurturing roots, a verdant dream.

7) Frozen giants, stories untold, glaciers hold, in icy hold.

8) Endless quest, evaporation’s call, reclaiming water, testing all.

9) Oceans are vast, a salty store, a source of life, forevermore.

10) The cycle spins, a timeless dance, water’s journey, a cosmic trance.

20 lines on water cycle

1) Sun’s hot hand on liquid skin, whispers secrets, changes begin.

2) Water dances, light and thin, escapes as vapor, joins the wind.

3) Upward spirals, wispy wings, through sky’s vast cathedral sings.

4) Cold wind whispers, whispers low, condenses dreams, clouds slowly grow.

5) Cotton castles, castles grand, gather droplets, hand in hand.

6) Gravity’s call, a gentle plea, releases rain, a symphony.

7) Down it pours, a silver thread, on thirsty fields, where life is fed.

8) Rivers sing, a gurgling rhyme, carrying stories, one at a time.

9) Earth’s soft lips, a drinking cup, soak in whispers, fill them up.

10) Forests wear a jeweled crown, with raindrops clinging, and glistening down.

11) Sunlight’s kiss on melting snow, releases whispers, soft and slow.

12) Glaciers weep, a frozen tear, replenishing rivers, year by year.

13) Through plant and soil, a hidden vein, water whispers, whispers again.

14) Ocean’s heart, a salty song, cradles life, where it belongs.

15) Evaporation’s endless call, draws up whispers, one and all.

16) Clouds reborn, from mist and spray, dance a ballet, night and day.

17) Sun and wind, an endless play, the water cycle, on its way.

18) A cosmic waltz, a timeless tide, whispers of life, forever ride.

19) From mountain peaks to ocean’s floor, the water’s journey, evermore.

20) So raise a glass, let raindrops fall, celebrate the miracle of all.

5 lines on water cycle

1) Sunshine sips, water flies, as clouds puff up in fluffy skies.

2) Chilly winds whisper droplets cling, rain or snow, a joyful fling.

3) Rivers rush, a joyful song, carrying life, the whole day long.

4) Earth drinks deep, a hidden stream, feeds the roots, a verdant dream.

5) Back to the sun, the dance starts the new, endless cycle, forever true.

Water cycle process on Earth – Scientific illustration

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