10 Lines On My Family in English for Students

Family is the first Gurukul of a person. The development of a person takes place only in the company of the family. My Family Essay in English often comes in the form of essays in schools. That’s why today we have come before you with ” 10 line essay on my family “, in this article you will read in ’10 lines on My Family in English ‘.

10 lines about my family in English

1) Our family is a joint family.

2) There are a total of 6 members in our family.

3) In the family are my grandfather, grandmother, mother, father and younger brother.

4) My mother is a housewife.

5) My father is a software engineer.

6) I am 5 years older than my brother.

7) My brother is studying in the 5th class and I am studying in the 10th class.

8) We often go to visit our village.

9) We all live together in love.

10) I like my family very much.

10 lines on my Family

5 Lines On My Family In English

1) There are total of five members in my family and we live together.

2) I have a younger sister who is talented and smart in her studies.

3) I have a grandmother who lives with us and is an interesting lady.

4) Both my parents work very hard to ensure us a better life.

5) I study in a university and my sister studies in a school.

FAQ On My Family In English

What is a family in simple words?

Answer – Family is made up of two or more persons who live together. All such persons who live together are considered as members of a family.

What does family mean to you?

Answer – Family means having someone to love you selflessly and support each other even though it is not easy. The family does not see colour, race, small or big.

Why is family important in our life?

Answer – Family is important because it gives us love, and support. 
Family members depend on each other, serve each other and share the joys and sorrows of life. Family is the most important thing in a child’s life.

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