10 Lines On I Want To Become a Doctor For Students

10 Lines On I Want To Become a Doctor – Most of the kids dream to become a doctor and there can be many different reasons behind this. The doctor is indeed very courageous as he treats everyone else’s wounds, which requires a lot of courage. The doctor is very great, because he has solutions for various types of diseases of our body.

10 lines on i want to become a doctor

  1. I want to become a doctor.
  2. I want my nation to be healthy and fit so that we can develop into a strong nation.
  3. Doctors always try to do their best.
  4. He starts with a might and most of the times he is successful in his work.
  5. I love his determination towards patients.
  6. A doctor should always help others.
  7. A doctor should always be polite and practical.
  8. They should be brave and honest towards their profession.
  9. Doctors are the form of God on earth.
  10. The doctor should be the same for all, and should not discriminate against his patients for money.

I as a Doctor

As a doctor, I will always try to ensure that no one dies due to lack of treatment. I want to develop a system so that I can repair the damaged part of the patient and give new life to the dead person. Because every year many families lose their loved ones. That’s why I want to develop a system so that no one dies before normal death.

I want to provide all kinds of medical facilities to the poor. As sometimes not everyone has money for better treatment, although the government has also announced many such schemes for those who are unable to take advantage of it due to lack of awareness.

10 Lines On I Want To Become a Doctor
10 Lines On I Want To Become a Doctor

Duty of a Doctor

  • The doctor on earth is like a god and he wants the good of everyone on earth. Even animals doctors are available here. The word doctor sounds like a wound healer.
  • A doctor should always help others, whether they have money or not.
  • The doctor should always advise the right medicine, because some doctors just want to earn money and they recommend unnecessary tests and tests.
  • Not everyone can be a doctor because it requires a different level of mind, and money is also needed to become a doctor. And if someone has this talent, then he can use that ability for the people.
  • The doctor should be the same for all, and should not discriminate against his patients for money.
  • They should always make people aware about various schemes because these days medical has become very expensive. That is why the government has many schemes for the poor, but due to lack of information, people are not able to get its benefits.
  • The doctor should always be polite and practical because any patient is disappointed by his own illness. They like it when the doctor treats them well.
  • A doctor should always encourage his patients because sometimes more than medicine their encouragement and trust works great on patients.
  • They should be brave and honest towards their profession.
  • A doctor should never be careless because a small negligence on his part can take someone’s life.

How to Become a Doctor

Every year many students work hard to become a doctor, and they start their preparation very soon. For this, they should choose biology as a subject in their 11th and 12th academic year and they should be passionate about it. After this education, they will have to take an examination called NEET, which is also known as All India Paramedical Test. After that one can easily participate in the counseling for different colleges according to their rank.

After completing his college education, he should work under an experienced doctor and complete his internship, and only then he will be able to become a full-fledged doctor. All you need is a determination and then no one can stop you.

Apart from allopathy, there are some other branches of medical medicine, such as homeopath, ayurveda, naturopathy etc. You can even become an expert in any of these. Ayurveda is a system of Indian medicine which we have been using since ancient times.


Being a doctor develops your own sense of responsibility, and if you are not disciplined and focused, you cannot become a doctor. A doctor should be brave and never lose his courage in any situation. A doctor should have only one purpose to protect others. Whatever profession you choose, you should be honest and focused. Doctors are social workers in a way and they may have to work whole day if needed. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many young people to become doctors. The hard work and courage he has shown during this period is truly remarkable and cannot be ignored. If you are alive today it is because of him. So always respect the doctor and whenever you meet the doctor, give him a smile.

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