Paragraph on World Peace Day For Students

Paragraph on World Peace day – World Peace Day – Peace and happiness will prevail in the world only through non-violence. International Peace Day Essay in Hindi World Peace Day International Peace Day or International Peace Day is celebrated every 21 September. This day gives the message of establishing freedom, peace and happiness among all countries and people. Peace is dear to all, but today man is getting away from it day by day. Today there is great unrest everywhere due to terrorism, violence, war, disaster. The earth, the sky and the ocean are all turbulent. Selfishness and hatred have fragmented human society. Yu, the message of world peace has been given in every era and in every era, but the number of people who have implemented it has been very less. Spread the message of peace in every corner of the world, this is the goal of International Peace Day.

How International Peace Day is Started?

Starting from the year 1982 till 2001, the third Tuesday of the month of September is chosen for International Day of Peace or World Peace Day, but from the year 2002, the day of September 21 was declared permanently for this. The theme of World Peace in 2015 is Partnership for Peace and Self-Respect for All.

Purpose of Peace Day Significance of International Peace Day

Today, the main goal of the United Nations is to maintain peace in the whole world. The UN was born to prevent international conflict and develop a culture of peace. It is very important to propagate the importance of peace in times of conflict, terror and unrest, so the United Nations, all its institutions and governments organize International Peace Day on 21st September every year. To bring the message of peace to every corner of the world, the United Nations has appointed world famous personalities of art, literature, cinema, music and sports as peace ambassadors.

Adopt Humanity Dharma | Bring Peace for Humanity

Today every person should understand that there is no religion greater than the service of human welfare. Language, culture, clothing may be different but the path of welfare of the world is the same. Man should leave hatred and walk on the path of love, accepting the importance of peace, the United Nations had passed a resolution in 1982, in which it was said that on every 21 September, World Peace Day will be celebrated as International Peace Day. We can achieve its goals only when we follow it in our life, you can start it from your student life also. You should neither do violence to anyone nor support any friend who does violence. Friends should be encouraged to keep the peace. Do not keep discrimination or bitterness in your mind towards anyone’s caste, religion, then only you will grow up and be called a good citizen of the country.

India and world peace India and World Peace

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had given five basic mantras to establish peace and peace in the world, which are also called Panchsheel principles. This Panchasutra, which is also called Panchsheel, has five fundamental principles of mutual cooperation in countries with different political, social and economic systems to establish the ideals of human welfare and world peace, under which the following five principles have been mentioned.

  • To respect each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.
  • Do not take aggressive action against each other.
  • Do not interfere in each other’s internal matters.
  • To follow the policy of equality and mutual benefit.
  • Believing in the policy of peaceful coexistence.
  • It is believed that if we follow the above five points, then there will be peace and peace everywhere.

Flying White Pigeon | White Pigeon the Sign of Peace

The white dove is a symbol of peace. World Peace Day On the occasion of International Peace Day, white colored pigeons are flown from place to place in every country, which spread the principles of Panchsheel to the world. The tradition of flying white pigeons on the occasion of World Peace Day is very old. Some poet has lines behind flying these pigeons.

“Let us carry the message of brotherhood so that no blood is shed in vain, that of the caretaker of a country”


Question 1: What is the importance of peace?

Answer 1: Peace is the way that helps us prevent inequity and violence. It is no less than a golden ticket to enter a new and bright future for mankind. Moreover, everyone plays an essential role in this so that everybody can get a more equal and peaceful world.

Question 2: What exactly is peace?

Answer 2: Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in which there is no hostility and violence. In social terms, we use it commonly to refer to a lack of conflict, such as war. Thus, it is freedom from fear of violence between individuals or groups.

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