10 lines on Bharat Mata in English

10 Few Lines on Bharat Mata in English | Some 10 sentences on Bharat Mata for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Bharat Mata is depicted as a goddess. Often we have seen Bharat Mata in school books and newspapers in the form of a goddess who has infinite power in herself. Be it the spirit of independence or nationalism. A symbol of oneness for all of us. Seeing which the feeling of patriotism is exposed in our thoughts, then let us know, some 10 sentences on Mother India.

These lines for Class 1 to 8th.

10 lines about Bharat Mata in English

1. The people who live in India are called Indians.

2. The people of India call India Bharat Mata.

3. Most of the people of India live in villages.

4. The people of the village give the status of mother to their land.

5. The land of the village is very fertile where people do farming.

6. India has a huge diversity of language and culture.

7. There are vast deserts, lush green forests, rivers, great oceans, and mountains.

8. My country is full of natural wealth and fields.

9. India is the largest democracy and everyone has equal rights here. 

10. India is our mother and we should feel proud to be Indian.

10 Lines on Bharat mata in English

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These lines for Class 9th to 12th

10 lines on Bharat Mata in English

1. During the freedom struggle, the image of Mother India was used to create nationalist sentiment among Indians. 

2. With the Indian independence movement, an image of Bharatmata emerged in the late 19th century.

3. Bharat Mata is depicted as a four-armed Hindu goddess.

4. Bharatmata is a fantasy standing in the green earth and the blue sky behind it.

5. Mother India with four arms, and feet with divine power; Appears in the form of a white aura and goddess.

6. It gives the education-Diksha-Anna-Bastar gift of the motherland to its children.

7. Bharat Mata was first performed in a play by Kiran Chandra Banerjee in 1873.

8. The hymn “Vande Mataram” was presented in Anandmath, a novel by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in 1882.

9. “Vande Mataram” means India is our mother.

10. It very soon emerged as a song of the freedom movement in India.

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1. What is my motherland?

Answer – Motherland is different for each country. 
Homeland for a person is the country in which he or his ancestors were born. 
And you or your ancestors feel emotionally attached. 
No matter what country you live in, the love for the motherland should always be in your heart.

2. How is India our motherland?

Answer – The country in which a person is born is the motherland for him. 
Our motherland is India because we were born in it and many people from different cultures, religions, and castes live in it. 
We are united in spite of differences among the people here.

3. Why is India called our mother?

Answer – India is given the status of mother. 
Because Bharat Mata is the national identity of India as a goddess. 
And to create a sense of freedom among the people, India was depicted as a goddess.

4. Why is India not called Fatherland?

Answer – India provides us with many facilities and means for livelihood, such as agricultural land grows food and our stomach is recruited, in simple words, the one who gives birth is a mother and Mother India has given us many things as a gift. Born for 
Whether the spirit of freedom or food.

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