10 lines on our country India for Students

Today, we are sharing 10 lines on our country This article can help the students who are looking for information about our country in English and Hindi. This essay is very simple and easy to remember. The level of this essay is moderate so any students can write on this topic. This article is generally useful for class 1 to class 12.

10 lines on our country India English and Hindi

  1. Our country is India.
  2. India is a colorful nation.
  3. Our country became free on 15th August 1947.
  4. Capital of India is New Delhi.
  5. Many languages are spoken here.
  6. India is a home of many cultures.
  7. We Indians respect eachothers.
  8. Cricket is a favorite sport of our country.
  9. Flag of India is “tiranga”.
  10. We love our country India.
  1. हमारा देश भारत है।
  2. भारत एक रंगीन राष्ट्र है।
  3. 15 अगस्त 1947 को हमारा देश आजाद हुआ।
  4. भारत की राजधानी नई दिल्ली है।
  5. यहां कई भाषाएं बोली जाती हैं।
  6. भारत कई संस्कृतियों का घर है।
  7. हम भारतीय एक दूसरे का सम्मान करते हैं।
  8. क्रिकेट हमारे देश का पसंदीदा खेल है।
  9. भारत का ध्वज “तिरंगा” है।
  10. हम अपने देश भारत से प्यार करते हैं।

We hope you all liked this short article on our country in English. You can also use this article as 10 lines about our country in English in your school.


1. Why India is a great country?

Answer: A unique land of vibrant colours, breathtaking landscapes and rich history, India is unlike any other. From the writhing streets of Mumbai to the idyllic shores of the Andaman Islands, this remarkable country offers a diverse feast for the senses.

2. What is India old name?

Answer: Bharat

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