10 lines on Peacock in English

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10 lines on Peacock

1) The peacock is a magnificent bird known for its vibrant and iridescent plumage.

2) It belongs to the pheasant family and is native to South Asia, particularly India and Sri Lanka.

3) Male peacocks, called peafowls, are renowned for their extravagant tails, which consist of long, colourful feathers.

4) These feathers can reach up to six feet in length and are used during courtship displays to attract females.

5) The female peafowls, known as peahens, have more subdued plumage, primarily in shades of brown and grey.

6) Peacocks are omnivorous, feeding on a diet that includes insects, fruits, seeds, and small reptiles.

7) They are ground-dwelling birds but are capable of short, powerful flights to escape predators or reach higher perches.

8) Peacocks are highly adaptable and have been introduced to various parts of the world as ornamental birds.

9) In many cultures, peacocks symbolize beauty, grace, and immortality, and they often appear in mythology and folklore.

10) Today, peacocks are a popular attraction in zoos and parks, captivating visitors with their dazzling displays and distinctive calls.

5 lines on Peacock

1) Peacocks are known for their stunning display of feathers, particularly the males with their vibrant, fan-shaped tails.

2) These majestic birds are native to South Asia and are widely admired for their beauty.

3) Peacocks have become a symbol of pride, grace, and elegance in various cultures and traditions.

4) They are omnivorous creatures, feeding on a diet that includes insects, plants, and small animals.

5) Peacocks are a popular attraction in zoos, gardens, and parks, where people can witness their magnificent plumage up close.


1. What is the significance of the peacock’s feathers?

Answer: The peacock’s feathers have great significance, especially in the male’s display. They are used during courtship rituals to attract females. The vibrant colours and intricate patterns symbolize beauty, grace, and fertility.

2. How long do peacocks live?

Answer: In the wild, peacocks have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. However, in captivity, they can live up to 25 years or even longer with proper care and nutrition.

3. Can peacocks fly?

Answer: Yes, peacocks are capable of flight despite their large and elaborate tails. However, their flight is limited to short distances and they spend most of their time on the ground, using their wings for balance and to escape from predators.

4. Are peacocks kept as pets?

Answer: Peacocks are sometimes kept as pets or ornamental birds in large, spacious environments like farms or estates. However, they require specific care and space due to their natural behaviours, such as roaming and displaying their feathers.

5. Are peacocks endangered?

Answer: Peacocks are not considered endangered. In fact, they are listed as a species of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). However, habitat loss, illegal hunting, and the pet trade can pose threats to their populations in certain regions. Conservation efforts are in place to protect their habitats and ensure their survival.

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