10 lines on My Hobby Drawing in English

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10 lines on my hobby drawing

1) My hobby is drawing.

2) I enjoy using different mediums such as pencils and charcoal to create drawings.

3) I am inspired by the world around me and often draw landscapes and animals.

4) I also enjoy drawing people and experimenting with digital drawing tools.

5) I try to make time for drawing every day.

6) Drawing helps me relax and express my creativity.

7) I have joined a local art group and have exhibited my work at art shows.

8) Drawing brings me a great deal of satisfaction.

9) I am grateful for the opportunity to create art.

10) I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and explore new ideas in my drawings.

5 lines on My Hobby Drawing

1) Drawing is a fun and creative way to express myself.

2) It allows me to capture the world around me on paper.

3) It can be a relaxing and meditative activity.

4) It helps to improve my fine motor skills and attention to detail.

5) I can use different mediums, such as pencils, charcoal, or paint, to create a variety of effects and styles.


1. What do you enjoy most about drawing?

I enjoy the creative process of bringing an idea to life on paper. I also enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a piece.

2. What do you like to draw?

I enjoy drawing a variety of subjects, from landscapes and still lifes to portraits and figures. I also enjoy experimenting with different styles and mediums.

3. How long have you been drawing?

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have always had a passion for art and have been practising and improving my skills for many years.

4. What are some challenges you face when drawing?

One of the biggest challenges I face when drawing is capturing the subject accurately and realistically. This can be difficult, especially when dealing with complex shapes and forms. Another challenge is finding the time and inspiration to draw regularly.

5. How do you overcome these challenges?

To overcome these challenges, I try to practice regularly and seek out new sources of inspiration. I also seek feedback and advice from other artists to help me improve my skills. Additionally, I try to stay focused and patient when working on a drawing, even when faced with difficult subjects or challenges.

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