10 lines on My Best Friend

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10 lines on My Best Friend (Boys)

1) My best friend’s name is Rahul.

2) He is a great friend! We have a lot of fun together.

3) We play games during recess and share our snacks.

4) When I feel sad, Rahul makes me laugh with his funny jokes.

5) We both like watching cartoons and have sleepovers where we stay up late.

6) Rahul is always kind and helps me when I need it.

7) We even have matching friendship bracelets.

8) Even if we sometimes have little disagreements, we quickly make up because that’s what friends do.

9) I’m really happy to have Rahul as my best friend.

10) He’s the best friend in the whole wide world!

5 lines on My Best Friend (Boys)

1) My best friend is Rohan! He’s the best!

2) We play superheroes and share snacks during break time.

3) Rohan is a master of funny jokes; he makes me laugh so much.

4) We watch cartoons together and have cool sleepovers.

5) Whenever I need help, Rohan is right there, my superhero friend!

20 lines on My Best Friend (Boys)

1) Aditya is my best friend, and he’s super cool!

2) We met in school, and since then, we’ve been inseparable.

3) Our favorite game hide and seek during recess.

4) Aditya always has the best toys to play with, and we share them.

5) He’s really good at making funny faces that make everyone laugh.

6) Sometimes, we have race competitions, and Aditya is the fastest!

7) Aditya is like a superhero; he helps me when I’m stuck with homework.

8) We enjoy watching cartoons together on lazy Sunday mornings.

9) His favourite colour is blue, just like mine!

10) Aditya has a pet dog named Rocky, and we love playing with him.

11) We build awesome forts with blankets and pillows during sleepovers.

12) Aditya tells the best bedtime stories that make me dream of exciting adventures.

13) We celebrate each other’s birthdays with lots of cake and balloons.

14) Aditya’s mom makes the yummiest cookies; we always sneak some.

15) He’s really good at drawing, and we create cool doodles together.

16) Aditya is my partner in crime for school projects; we make an awesome team.

17) Sometimes, we just sit and talk about our dreams and favourite things.

18) Aditya is a great listener, and I can share my secrets with him.

19) We have a secret handshake that we made up, and only we know it.

20) I’m lucky to have Aditya as my best friend; he makes every day more fun!

My Best Friend 10 lines Girl

1) My best friend is Maya. We have lots of fun!

2) We share snacks and play together at school.

3) When I’m sad, Maya makes me smile.

4) We like the same cartoons and have sleepovers.

5) Maya is kind and helps me when I need it.

6) We have special bracelets that match!

7) Even if we argue, we quickly make up.

8) We play on the playground every day.

9) We celebrate birthdays with cake and balloons.

10) Maya is the best friend in the whole wide world!

5 lines on My Best Friend (Girls)

1) My best friend is Riya! She’s so cool!

2) We play hide and seek and share our lunch every day.

3) Riya tells the funniest jokes that make me laugh a lot.

4) We watch cartoons together and sometimes have sleepovers.

5) Riya is always there when I need help or a friend to talk to.

20 lines on My Best Friend (Girls)

1) Meet my friend Suhani, she’s my best buddy!

2) We met in school, and our friendship is super study.

3) Suhani loves playing with dolls, and we have a dollhouse too.

4) We share our lunch, and she likes my sandwiches, woo-hoo!

5) She has a funny laugh that makes everyone smile.

6) Suhani is like a sister, we chat and giggle for a while.

7) On weekends, we draw rainbows and butterflies together.

8) Her favourite colour is pink; we wear matching ribbons, forever.

9) Suhani is a great storyteller; she makes up tales so sweet.

10) We play hopscotch and jump rope on the street.

11) She has a cute puppy named Coco; we love playing fetch.

12) Suhani’s mom bakes delicious cookies; we enjoy every batch.

13) Sometimes, we have a sleepover with stories and games.

14) We celebrate birthdays with balloons, gifts, and fancy names.

15) Suhani helps me with homework, she’s really smart.

16) We dance to our favourite songs; she has a happy heart.

17) We draw pictures and make crafts on a rainy day.

18) Suhani’s giggle is the best; it keeps sadness away.

19) Our friendship is a treasure, shining bright and true.

20) I’m lucky to have Suhani as my best friend; she’s like a rainbow in my life, so blue!

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