10 lines on importance of trees in English

Trees are very essential for all living beings on our earth. Trees give us life from the air. With the help of trees, we all are able to fight the monster of pollution. Importance of Trees Essay in Hindi often comes in the form of essays in schools. That’s why today we have come in front of you with “10-line essay on importance of trees “. In this article, you will read “ 10 Lines on Importance of Trees in English ”.

  1. Trees are a great boon of nature.
  2. We get fruits, flowers, wood and oxygen from the tree.
  3. Trees help in controlling the temperature of the land.
  4. Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide and give oxygen.
  5. No animal can survive on earth without oxygen.
  6. Trees maintain the cycle of the environment and help in rain.
  7. There are many such trees through which we get many medicines.
  8. Birds make their nests on trees.
  9. Trees provide shade to people in summer.
  10. In the Sanatan culture of India, due to the benefits of Peepal, Banyan etc. trees have been said to be worshipable

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