10 lines on forest fire in English for Students

In many schools, it is asked to write about 10 lines on forest fire in English. So we have written the best lines for you. Hope you like this.

About Forest Fire

he effects of fire on the environment and the ecosystem resources may be physical effects, biological, or even chemical. Its abiotic effects comprise the role it plays in altering the quality of air, the quality of water, the properties of soil as well as the cycling of nutrients. The biotic ones comprise the changes in vegetation and the associated impacts on flora and fauna. Fire effects come about as an outcome of an association between the heating system brought about by fire and the properties of the ecosystem. The specific fire effect on whatever components is flexible but will have to change depending on the characteristics of the site and the behavior of the fire. For instance, the effects of the burning fire in similar conditions may not be the same on soils that do not have similar textures.

10 lines on forest fire in English for Students

1) During the extreme heat of summer, in some places dry grass catches fire.

2) From grass, it spreads to trees.

3) This result in a forest fire. It is a natural disaster.

4) Forest fire is also called wildfire.

5) A forest fire spread rapidly.

6) Wind spreads the fire.

7) It is very difficult to control.

8) Forest fire casuses air pollution. It causes a loss of biodiversity.

9) Forest fires will cause ozone depletion and increases global warming.

10) Forest fires have advantages too. The nutrients from dead plants are returned to the soil.

10 Lines on Forest fire

Five Lines On Forest Fire in English

1) Forest fires are large uncontrolled fires that take place in forest.

2) They are a type of wildfire.

3) Other type of wildfires include grass fires, brush fires, and hill fires.

4) Forest Fires are most common in the western states during the summertime.

5) That is because in the west, rainfall is typically scarce during this time.


1. How is fire caused in forest ?

High atmospheric temperatures and dryness (low humidity) offer favorable circumstance for a fire to start.

2. Why is forest fire a problem ?

Wildfires can disrupt transportation, communications, power and gas services, and water supply. They also lead to a deterioration of the air quality, and loss of property, crops, resources, animals and people.

3. How can we stop forest fire?

Avoid burning wastes around dry grass.Don’t start a fire on a windy day.Use a can or fire pit.Never burn household wastes when any regulations of wildfire prevention policy prohibit it.Don’t throw explosives and combustibles into the fire.

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