10 lines on Deer in English

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10 lines on deer

1) Deer are a family of mammals that are found throughout the world, with the exception of Antarctica and Australia.

2) They are known for their distinctive antlers, which are used for defence, territorial disputes, and attracting mates.

3) There are more than 90 different species of deer, including the white-tailed deer, mule deer, and reindeer.

4) Deer are herbivores, and their diet typically consists of leaves, grass, and other vegetation.

5) They are known for their keen sense of hearing, sight, and smell, which helps them avoid predators in the wild.

6) Male deer, or bucks, use their antlers to compete for dominance during mating season.

7) Female deer, or does, typically give birth to one or two fawns each year.

8) Deer play an important role in many ecosystems as prey for predators and as seed dispersers for plants.

9) Some species of deer, such as the reindeer, are domesticated and used for meat, milk, and transportation.

10) Despite their beauty and importance in many cultures, deer can also cause problems for humans by eating crops, causing car accidents, and spreading tick-borne illnesses.

5 lines on deer

1) Deer are hoofed mammals found in almost every continent in the world.

2) They are known for their graceful movements and distinctive antlers that they shed and regrow each year.

3) The most common species of deer include the white-tailed deer, red deer, and moose.

4) Deer are herbivorous animals that feed on vegetation such as leaves, grass, and buds.

5) Deer are prey animals that are hunted by predators such as wolves, coyotes, and big cats.


1. What do deer eat?

Answer: Deer are herbivores and primarily feed on vegetation such as leaves, grass, and buds. They may also consume fruits and nuts when available.

2. Why do deer have antlers?

Answer: Male deer, also known as bucks, grow antlers which are used for dominance, territorial defence, and attracting mates. The antlers are shed and regrown annually.

3. What predators do deer have?

Answer: Deer are prey animals and are hunted by predators such as wolves, coyotes, bears, and big cats. However, in some areas, deer may have no natural predators and may become overpopulated.

4. How do deer communicate?

Answer: Deer communicate with each other using a variety of sounds, including grunts, snorts, and bleats. They also use body language, such as raising their tails to signal danger, and chemical signals, such as pheromones, to communicate with other deer.

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